Practice the 3 Cs of gentle parenting with us

Practice the 3 Cs of gentle parenting with us

At the homes of many young families, the longest hour of the day is always the one between dinner and bed. Seemingly simple tasks – like picking up toys, taking baths, putting pajamas on, going potty and brushing teeth – are often battlegrounds. But what if your child actually wanted to do them? If he or she willingly chose to do them?

It’s possible, according to British childcare expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of The Gentle Parenting Book. As she explained to, “[Gentle parenting] helps you build a relationship with your child that’s based on their willingness and choices, instead of on your expectations and rules.”

The article explains the three Cs Ockwell-Smith believes are central to gentle parenting: connection, communication and consistency.

This approach speaks to Bedtime Board Game founders Michael and Kelly. They created a homemade version of this game for their own young son nearly two decades ago. They felt they could take the stress out of the bedtime routine if they turned tasks into fun activities their boy must do to earn rewards and ultimately win the game. And it worked! 

Kelly and Michael resurrected the game years later to help a new generation of strong-willed children in their family, and it was such a hit they decided to manufacture it to help even more kids and parents. 

Bedtime Board Game is a playful, cooperative tool for families. Children move their characters around the colorful game board, earn gems for completing their bedtime routines, share sweet and thoughtful conversation by answering Cloud Card questions, and end by tucking their characters and themselves into bed.

Bedtime Board Game can be customized nightly, giving kids the power to choose the order in which they complete their routines. (Choice is a hallmark of gentle parenting). Kids and caregivers can even write in their own activities on the blank cards included. The game structure is easy enough for grandparents or babysitters to follow, too.

Besides the immediate rewards of getting kids to bed happily and on time, Bedtime Board Game aligns with the long-term benefits of the gentle parenting approach. 

As the Healthline article explains, “Research shows that positive bonding between parent and child leads to children who can become happy, independent, and resilient adults…. Interacting with your child gently builds millions of neural connections in their brain. The repetition of these positive interactions lays down the neural pathways that form the basis for future relationships, learning, and logic. Think of it as long-term emotional inoculation.”
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