Cloud Cards lead to heartfelt conversation

Cloud Cards lead to heartfelt conversation

One thing we’ve heard over and over again from Bedtime Board Game parents is how much they love Cloud Cards – the conversation prompts that kids find at Cloud Stops in between their getting-ready-for-bed game board tasks. 

Writing these cards was one of our favorite parts of designing the game. With topics like “Tell me something that made you laugh today,” or “What would you like to dream about tonight?” caregivers and children can both share a little about their daily experiences and thoughts. 

We remember how busy evenings with little ones can be and how easy it is to forgo conversations like these as you desperately try to stay on schedule. But, looking back, we find these brief chats and moments of bonding are some of the fondest day-to-day memories we have of our son’s childhood. (He’s in college now and was the inspiration for this game so many years ago!)

We hope that – in addition to making the bedtime routine stress-free and fun – Bedtime Board Game helps families fit a few more sweet and thoughtful moments into their days. The game comes with 20 Cloud Cards, including a few blank ones so you can write your own questions. We’ve found kids love responding to questions they haven’t heard before, especially ones that focus on holidays, seasonal themes, or upcoming events in their own lives.

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day and spring, we’re debuting five new Cloud Card questions you can add to your mix!

  • Did you have any good luck today?
  • Did you see any signs of spring today?
  • What is something you’re really looking forward to doing now that the weather is warming up?
  • What would you like to find if you got to the end of the rainbow?
  • Where is the best place to hide a pot of gold or other treasures?

One family who plays Bedtime Board Game shared that, even on late nights when they don’t have time to fit in the full game, they always do at least one Cloud Card question. Each person answers it.

Sometimes the responses lead to stories that even Mom and Dad have not heard about each other. Other times, the preschool daughter shares something sweet about a family member or friend. When that happens, Mom and Dad always text the person as soon as their daughter is in bed, spreading the magic of Cloud Cards even further.


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