"It's a lot more fun to get ready for bed when you get to play a game!"

~ Rosie, 4


  • Annie Field, mother of Max, 4

    Before playing the Bedtime Board Game with my son Max, I did not know it was possible for him to pick up toys without whining! The first time we played, I was in total awe of how fast, efficient, connected and FUN the Bedtime Board Game was to play. We get to share feelings from the day, while also sailing into bedtime in a collaborative, meaningful way together. I am so thankful for this addition to our family routines and cannot recommend this game enough.

  • Elizabeth Schechter, mother of Sophia, 5

    I just wanted to let you know that Bedtime Board Game has been amazing!  I tried so many other ways to conquer the bedtime struggle and nothing worked until the Bedtime Board Game. It has actually created a bedtime routine that is fun, and my daughter looks forward to. Thank you!!

  • Stephanie Bartis, board-certified educator

    As a career educator, auntie and godmother, I can say with certainty that a solid sleep routine is a cornerstone to developing happy children who are physically and mentally healthy.  Bedtime Board Game is a beautiful tool for just that. The intentional, routine-building game is visually appealing, tactile and flexible.  It invites an opportunity for families to create a calm, loving ritual that children will love and look forward to. 

  • Kathryn Rieck, mother of Rosie, 4

    Before Bedtime Board Game, getting ready for bed was a battle at our house. By the time she got ready for bed, our daughter was worked up, and my husband and I were exhausted. The game gave her a reason to look forward to “winning” the nighttime routine, and we all won the sweet, stress-free goodnight parents wish for their kids.

  • Tona, grandmother of Asa, 5

    The game is beautifully done, and I enjoyed playing it with my grandson."

  • Cool Aunt Lindsay

    I bought this game for my niece, who struggles to wind down before bed. She loves the game;  it’s a perfect way to get her to go from an energy level 10 down to a 2 or 3. She has adapted the rules a bit to her liking, but it’s just as fun, and I love hearing her creative and quite frankly hilarious answers to the Cloud Cards. Thanks for creating such a great game – makes being the  “cool aunt” even more wonderful.