Bedtime Board Game

A playful and cooperative game for ages 3+

Inspiring happy, playful evenings that take the struggle out of bedtime. 


Both a Parenting Tool and a Game! 

Many parents find their toddler’s bedtime to be the hardest part of the day. The game offers a way to create an easy and consistent routine for bed. Studies show that having a good pre-bedtime routine is helpful in making sure your child gets enough sleep.

A routine is valuable but may be hard for parents to create and implement consistently. That’s where the Bedtime Board Game comes in. It is a fun and meaningful parenting tool that offers a playful path to bedtime.

Game Setup

1. Activity Cards  

Five activities are printed on cards included in the game. Place the activity cards on the blue “Activity” squares in an order determined by the adult or decided together by the child and adult.


2. GemsJems

A gem is put on each of the activity cards. Then the adult and child decide on the reward for collecting all the gems. The reward can be reading books, telling stories, or something for tomorrow, like watching a video or going to the playground. Deciding on the reward gives children control over minor choices and opportunities to practice decision-making.

3. Meeple

Meeple board player game pieceNext, the child chooses which wood token (meeple) they would like to use for the game. Put the meeple on the heart and you’re ready to start the journey to bedtime.

Are you ready to make getting ready for bed fun? Ok, let’s go!


How to play?

  1. Place the Meeple game piece on the #1 start at the Heart.
  2. Walk, trot or hop to the first Bedtime Activity. When you have completed that activity, move the gem from the card onto the bed at the center of the Board.
  3. Move to the Cloud and select a Cloud Card. Have fun answering the question.
  4. Repeat until you have made it around the board, stopping at each Activity and each Cloud along the way.
  5. When you arrive at the bed, tuck your game piece into the bed and trade in your gems for the reward. Congratulations on finishing tonight’s bedtime adventure! 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Collaborate with your child on the order of activities, the reward for the night, and other game aspects. This gives children a sense of control and will encourage them to be more engaged and cooperative.
  • Take time to listen and talk about the Cloud Cards. This is an opportunity for your child to share, and for you to hear how they are feeling and what they are thinking.
  • Go through all the cloud stops and activities in the game. This creates a routine. Modify as needed according to your family’s time constraints and your own pre-bedtime activities. There are blank Cloud and Activity Cards to personalize the game.
  • You may want to take the gems to your child’s bed and do the exchange for the reward once they are tucked in. We did that with our son. Each gem was exchanged for a book we read in his bed together before lights out.
  • A final note on gameplay. Our game is terrific at establishing a routine, and we’ve also found that children play the game for several months, and then their interest ebbs. Then, after a break, they are excited about playing again. This pattern has lasted for over 3 years for some kids but every time they return to play, the gameplay seems richer, and the connection is deeper.


What’s inside the Game?

Front of Box

Back of Box
Activity Cards
Game Board
Cloud Cards

Product Dimensions

9.44” x 9.44” x 2.0”

Item Weight

23.6 ounces

Country of Origin

United States



Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

3 to 6 years


Educational Game & Parenting Tool

Release date

January 9, 2023





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