We're Recognized as a Good Housekeeping Toy Award Finalist

We're Recognized as a Good Housekeeping Toy Award Finalist

It has only been a few months since founders Kelly and Michael introduced Bedtime Board Game to the world, and we already have some very exciting news to share. The game earned recognition as a finalist for the 2023 Good Housekeeping Toy Awards.

The Good Housekeeping Institute assembled a panel of experts, parents and (most importantly!) kids to judge nominated toys and games. Bedtime Board Game reached this testing phase of the contest, and the 2023 winners largely came from major, international toy manufacturers, so we were truly honored to be in their company.

One of Good Housekeeping’s senior parenting editors invited us to submit Bedtime Board Game for this prestigious prize. As the editors wrote when they revealed last year’s winners, “For our annual Best Toy Awards, we don't just pick the coolest toys; we dig deeper to find out which ones are safe and easy to put together and will help your child learn and grow.”

As our nomination highlights:

Many families of young children consider getting ready for bed one of the most stressful parts of the day. Everyone is tired, parents are impatient, and children are resistant to completing routine tasks that don’t seem like much fun. Bedtime Board Game offers a solution that is fun and creates memorable, quality time for kids and their caregivers. The game provides the convenience of a bedtime routine in a box, complete with cute animal game pieces, gem rewards, conversational Cloud Cards, and activity cards families can customize nightly to suit their individual needs… The true value comes as families enjoy their new playful, stress-free evenings night after night.

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